Hapi Game

This game is a 2d space Shooter. It is programmed in C++ and used HAPI like graphic library. HAPI (Hardware Application Program Interface) is a basic library created by Keith Ditchburn (personal website), it is based on DirectX 9.

HAPI contains functions that permit:

  • Load Texture
  • Play Sound
  • Recover Screen pointer (pointer to Byte*)
  • Recover data keyboard and mouse
  • Text output


  Hapi Game Report (92.9 KiB, 349 hits)

Tech Features:

  • The texture manager can display and manage animated texture, non animated texture and text fonts with alpha blending.
  • The collisions manager detects collision per rectangle and per pixel.
  • The Artificial Intelligence manager uses non-functional spline as route for each enemy wave.
  • The level informations are loaded from a text file.
  • There are different menu that permit to change some settings.


  • Platform: Windows
  • API : HAPI
  • Language: C ++
  • Period: 2005-2006